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Review: Shadow Fire by Christine Feehan

★★★★ @AuthorCFeehan #ShadowFire #NetGalley

Returning to the Shadow Rider world, now that all the siblings have their shadow mate, we move on to their auxiliary friends. This one is focused on Elie Archambault. This can be read as a standalone. Full disclosure, I didn't read the blurb and nabbed the book because I adore this series. I am pleased to say, this newest addition flat out did it for me. I enjoyed it and read it right through the night.

In this book, we learn about what happened to Elie's lost love and it isn't pretty. We also learn about his original intended, Brielle. As with most of Ms. Feehan's stories, Brielle is an abused child who lived through atrocious parents and a toxic drama queen sibling. Ms. Feehan consistently stays with dysfunctional families as a plot device. I am okay with it because I keep reading her books. It does create a darker feel to many of her recent books. For those who shy away from the dark, I think the title is an appropriate indication of how this story is going to be.

What I liked about this book is learning how the Shadow Rider's new generation is trying to change some of the older traditions that have been handed down for generations. Perhaps it wasn't always like this, but it seems somewhere, as power tends to corrupt and twist people, the raising of shadow riders has become cruel, sadistic, and inhumane. If they want compassionate shadow riders who believe in justice, creating psychopaths and causing unintentional brain damage is probably not the way to go.

Elie's broken relationship with Brielle makes it difficult for the two of them to be married. I guess when going into an arranged marriage, eyes wide shut describes these two. Elie has to work hard to overcome what he's done to Brielle. I expected this story to have more BDSM kink to it and was a bit let down that it was mostly referenced to, instead of actually implemented. There are quite a bit of sexy times between Brielle and Elie but they didn't really capture my attention. I enjoyed instead their banter and how they worked to fix their relationship. I liked Brielle and how steadfast and loyal she comes across. I also like how she is a defender at heart, even if it could hurt her. She is brave even when she's been beaten down. I really liked these two together. This erotic romance is recommended to paranormal readers who love second chance themes.

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