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Review: Shadow Game by Christine Feehan

★★★ @AuthorCFeehan #ShadowGame #ThrowbackReview

This is where it all started for the GhostWalkers. When I picked up this book, it was quite different than the Carpathian series. There is a bit more suspense here and I liked the military involvement plus the psychic element. Almost 2 decades ago, this was still a pretty new and fresh genre that not many authors tried. I found the premise interesting and kind of plausible since orphan girls at least in Asia were more plentiful.

This first book sets up how the experiments came about as well as introduces us to the first mated pair. Ms. Feehan does like her fated mates and her spin on this is interesting and one step removed from shifter fated mates. I like it. Lily is the favoured daughter of Peter Whitney. She knows she is adopted along with the rest of the girls who were experimented on. She just didn't know to what extent. What is it like to see someone from a completely different viewpoint than everyone else? To learn that a cherished loved one is actually a monster instead of a saviour. These and more ugly facts come out about Dr. Peter Whitney that blow Lily's world completely apart.

Helping her see her father in a different light is Captain Ryland Miller. Someone who did volunteer to be enhanced but not to the extent that happened to him and his team. At least the men were given a choice. The girls, not so much. This story shows the callousness some scientists have when it comes to experimentation. I won't get onto my soapbox regarding gain of function mutation experimentation. This is a promising series that I am staying with. We are now up to 18 books in this series. I enjoy the creativity of how Ms. Feehans mutates each of her characters. Fascinating. This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who enjoy a bit of suspense and fringe science.


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