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Review: Shadow Magic by Donna Grant

It has been a while since I read a historical novel with manly Lords who rule over their whole domain. I am pleasantly surprised by this tale and I enjoyed it more than I expected. This is a trilogy released by Ms. Grant and I am so blessed to read it. Serena is a witch protected by the village she lives in. Yet cursed to never find love and keep it. To avoid the curse, Serena determines to let her line of magic end with her. She didn't take into account Drogan.

Drogan is visits his friend's home to see his new born child. Completely be-spelled by Serena, his vow to remain alone breaks. The two of them both have baggage yet they work through it as if today is the last day they will be alive. This is more apt that one would think due to Serena's curse and Drogan's past. This first book moves a little slow at times as it sets up the "big evil". Then it picks up and the plot thickens as more characters come into the story and make it more complicated.

I enjoyed the maturity and almost fatalist attitude Serena possesses. Drogan comes across as a skeptic who will still accept help from the supernatural. The amount of self sacrifice going on in this story is a lovely fiction as this is almost exactly opposite of today's society. Perhaps this is why I enjoyed the story so much. For showing a world that still has good people in it.

Recommended to historical romance readers who like a little bit of magic to their tale.

* I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book.


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