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Review: Shadow of Death by Heather Graham

★★★★ @heathergraham #ShadowofDeath #NetGalley

The cult of the four horsemen continue in this third book. Reading about Amy and Hunter feels good - like coming back to old friends. Once again, Amy and Hunter's downtime is interrupted by the crazy cult folks as another toy horse is left for them to find. This one is a page turner and I was pretty sure I knew the culprit early on. There were a few red herrings that did make we question a few times, but overall, I was able to follow the mystery and come to the same conclusions.

When it comes to writing style, Ms. Graham's is a smooth voice that flows at just the right tempo. She increases the intensity in a story when she wants us to specifically look at piece of information. Other times, it slows into a gentle lull which tricks a reader into thinking everything is okay. Then another bad event occurs. I like this up and down because it creates a constant fight or flight with me turning page after page to see what is happening. I feel like I'm right by Amy and Hunter's side as they race to find the kidnapped victims or try to find the villain.

I am enjoying the ties from one book to another in this series. Whilst this can probably be read as a standalone, I wouldn't. I recommend reading this series in the order it was published. They build upon one another. The picture I'm seeing is a much vaster organization trying to destabilize . . . the country? I'm not sure I know what the end game is for this killing cult other than generate fear and hatred. Looking forward to the next book in this series. This suspense is recommended to readers who enjoy arcs that last several books.

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