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Review: Shattered by Laurann Dohner, Kele Moon

★★★★ @Kele_Moon @LaurannDohner #Shattered

Where is the rest of this story? Honestly I'm starting to fear reading any books written by Ms. Moon. She is blessed with creative ideas and partners with great friends and authors. Then before a series feels completed, it comes to an abrupt end.

This one is pretty messed up and angsty. This is the second book for this series which I think is now just a duology. Desmon and Amber at sixteen thought they might be in love and be mated forever. However, Desmon's pack and their dysfunctional asshole adult males take a different view and as a teenager, Desmon does what he thinks is best for Amber. Amber who suffered trauma and then left by the one person she thought should could always depend upon.

Generally when there is a f-ed up situation and the male purposely doesn't communicate because he thinks he knows best... I'm not interested and less than thrilled. However in this one, Authors Moon and Dohner pull me in and I can see how a 16 year old could behave in a foolish manner. Because they aren't old enough yet to be able to partner together. Now, older and hopefully wiser, Desmon and Amber get their second chance. It isn't going to be easy as both have done questionable things in the time they have been apart. Oh the drama of youth and young adults.

Overall, I enjoyed how the story unfolds and how the past is revealed. Not all is what it seems to be. I like stories which shows from two different sides because so often we judge based on 1 side. Usually the "truth" as we know it is a mix between the two stories. And in life as it is with this romance, it is messy and there are sometimes no good answers. What I can say is that this past painful experience did shape Desmon and Amber to what they became today. Their current selves are stronger and more capable of handling a partnership than if they experience zero adversity and painful lessons. I still wish there was more to come in this world because it is exciting and I love the way Ms. Moon writes. Her writing voice is beguiling. Partnering her up with Ms. Dohner adds an additional element of sexy angst. Both excel at penning star-crossed lovers with dysfunctional pasts. It fees my emo younger self. This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who love second chance themes.


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