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Review: Shifters and Glyphs by Christina Bauer

From the imaginative mind of Ms. Bauer, comes another unique paranormal fantasy series. Once again, my only lament is, where was Ms. Bauer when I was a young teenager, looking for books to read? This new series, Fairy Tales of the Magicorum is a darker look and feel for those who like Mercedes Lackey's Five Hundred Kingdom series. Once again, I picked up the series midway and it is easy to follow and enjoy. This can be read as a standalone.

In this world, it seems the paranormal creatures - witches, fae or shifters all fall under a template. Specifically a fairy tale template which kind of dictates their life. Bryar Rose is supposed to be the Sleeping Beauty archtype. I find it fascinating how Ms. Bauer weaves in the different fairy tale characters, reinterprets them and then blends them into a cohesive story that even involves ancient civilizations in South America and in Egypt. Ms. Bauer is gifted with creativity and innovative amalgamation skills. For those who are well read in both fairy tales, paranormal fantasies and a bit of ancient civilizations, this is a treat to read.

The main character Bryar Rose is a teenager just trying to get into the special school for paranormals. Whilst trying to get into the schoo, her boyfriend who will ultimately be her mate is getting sicker and needs to find a "magical" fountain. Bryar is ideally suited to help him because she can read ancient hieroglyphics. She's piecing together little bits of scrolls to figure out how to find this fountain, what it does and how it impacts her and her friends.

This story becomes a wild ride as we learn Bryar's past is not as it seems. More importantly, a fairy tale template does not always mean a person has to stick to it. Especially if they don't like the template they have been born into. I enjoyed the action in this story as it keeps the story flowing. Learning how Bryar Rose came to be as well as what she is meant to be makes the book end in a happily ever after. I am pleasantly caught off guard with a few reveals just as I anticipated a few things as hints are nicely placed for a reader to guess what is going to happen. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and recommend it to YA readers who enjoy character growth through quests stories.


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