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Review: Shocked by Amy Valenti


Are you that person who shines so bright everyone wants to be around you? Or do you know this person who exudes so much energy sometimes talking to them is draining? Lissa is this person. Her life force is so strong it attracts all sorts of attention, unfortunately, the wrong sort. In this paranormal romance, there are vampires out there. They aren’t your usual blood sucking leeches. Instead, they are psivores – creatures who drain human life force. Nick is one such creature. Not all of the psivores are monsters. There are some who are killers; just like some human are killers. Lissa has attracted a killer with her bright life force shining like beacon in the dark.

Nick is hunting the killer to help keep his kind under the radar and also for personal reasons. His vendetta against Taylor works out well when he uses Lissa unknowing as bait. When Lisa and Nick accidentally meet, sparks fly. Unprepared, Nick takes a quick hit off of Lissa. Shockingly, Lissa is aware and chases after Nick for an explanation.

This story by Ms. Valenti is a short and sweet erotic romance. The characters are believable and the conflict comes fast and furious. The resolution follows just as swiftly into a happily ever after. This world Ms. Valenti created is a bit different than the usual vampire mythology. It’s not new, but it’s one of the lesser explored. I found it interesting and hope she returns to this world with more world building and complex characters. I am hoping this is just a teaser of what is yet to come. Ms. Valenti’s writing style in this story is the same quality as her other books I’ve read – smooth and silky. I can always count on her for a good read. I recommend this book to paranormal romance lovers who enjoy a happily ever after.


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