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Review: Shoulder the Skye by Donna Grant

The Isle of Skye does not come across as a safe haven for Druids. Malicious envy as well as bad intentions seems to permeate this arrogant group of druids who think they are better than all other druids. Second book in this series features the second sibling in the MacLean family and he is in a worse situation than his sister. Luckily for him, Bronwyn is willing to stand by him. Elias returns the favour by bringing in his secret group. How many conspiracy groups are there in this world? Is everyone in a special secret group? It makes me wonder if there are secret clubs all around me and I'm just bloody clueless.

What I liked about this story is how Elias presses the point about what makes a mie good and what makes a drough evil? The shades of grey here appeal to me. His steadfast belief and wanting to help out Bronwyn is consistent with the name of his group - The Knights. Whilst Elias fights the good fight and is a white knight, someone else is trying to paint him as a black knight. The subplots in this world makes it so that these books are best read one after another. To read them as standalones doesn't do the books justice.

Ms. Grant's stories remind me of the 5000s puzzle pieces and we've only seen the edge of the puzzle. I am trying to guess what will happen next and how some of the characters relate to another. The mix of obvious evil people and the not so obvious create a suspense I like. Because it makes me question everything and keeps me coming back for more. This new series is filled with strife, lack of trust, and a shaky new leadership. It shall be interesting to see how this series turns out. The first two books show great potential. Recommended to magic lovers who root for the underdog.

* I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

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