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Review: Sky Raiders Box Set by Michelle Diener

★★★★★ @michellediener @NetGalley #SkyRaiderBoxSet

Transported to a technology free world of feudal lords, I did not expect to have magic or possibly werewolf like aliens showing up. This is a completed trilogy and I am so glad to devour the books one right after another. This boxset kicks off with Sky Raiders.

Sky Raiders is setting up this world where people who have paranormal powers are tapped to help defend their world against these monster sky raiders stealing people, food, property and animals. The first book is all about Garek finding is way back to his loved one, Taya. Whilst he's been completing his tour of duty to defend their liege's lands, Taya is stolen away by the Raiders he fights against. At first I was confused about the "Change". I thought maybe they were shifters. It is not so. These people have an affinity to a specific element - air, ground, water, fire and other elements. They can manipulate it like no other. We learn about the Sky Raiders and more importantly, why they are stealing people. This world building is well done and pulls me right into the next book, Calling the Change.

The second book, Taya and Garek are constantly being pulled apart by forces they have no control over. This middle book focuses on how Garek and Taya become both pawns and saviours of their diminishing lands. Together with friendships they have made through dire situations, they learn that there is more going on than just Sky Raiders attacking their people. In fact, their lands are being threatened by supposed allies. The intrigue and fast pace of this book keep me riveted. I loved how nothing is every easy. And apparently no good deed goes unpunished. What these two find out is shocking and hooks a reader straight into the last book, Shadow Warrior.

The final books is non stop action. Subplots in the previous book, such as the Iron Warrior and where they went is revealed. Many assumptions by different people of what is going on is turned on its side as we learn the real motivation. I love how complex this story is and how the characters are neither wholly good or evil. Taya is the one who is most empathetic and balances Garek's ruthlessness. Quite frankly, I'm with Garek's line of thinking more than Taya's. I don't know how many times he thinks Taya is safe only to have her ripped away from him. At this point, I think he's going to get a separation anxiety complex. His anger and his boosted power based on necessary usage is impressive and awe inspiring. I love how he "hulks" out. I also like how Taya may be a damsel in distress but she never waits for someone to save her. Each time, she either has a plan and half way escaped or she's saved herself. Love it! The romance between Taya and Garek is built on a strong bond. With each situation they need to survive, it becomes stronger. This story is hard to classify in just one genre. I highly recommend it to space opera lovers who enjoy strong characters, wonderful worldbuilding, great plot, and love that conquers all theme.

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