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Review: Snowed in with Santa by Sue Lyndon


Looking for a little holiday cheer? Do you have the song stuck in your head, “Here comes Santa Claus; here comes Santa Claus…”? Alana is this person who needs some holiday cheer. She’s a recent college graduate who’s job opportunities didn’t pan out as she hoped. She did complete college a semester early, in December. This would have been fine had she not been a teacher and in the Northern Hemisphere. As we all know, teachers start work in the late summer for US schools. Like many other teachers, Alana picks up a job in retail during the Christmas season.

Unfortunately, Alana is dressed up like an elf to be Santa’s little helper, not working as a cashier for one of the many stores at the mall. Personally, I’d rather be an elf. It’s more fun, especially when the costumed Santa is a hunky man. Jared dresses up as Santa to help out. He is the more experienced man who is fantasizing naughty positions with “south pole” and a cute little elf.

This story is very short and what I would consider SugarKink. Since it’s a holiday feel good story, it is sweet and fun. Alana enjoys a smexy time with an experienced kinky older man. He’s also smart and successful, what more would a new college graduate want for a winter fling? The BDSM elements are rather light, hence the SugarKink designation. Still, they do generate a spark of heat. I recommend this book for Christmas lovers who want their stocking stuffed with a little bit more than a regular candy cane.


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