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Review: Spirit Dances by C.E. Murphy


Joanne is once again in a sticky situation. Amusingly enough, she even compares herself to Angela Lansbury. This story references more American pop culture then many of the books I've recently read. I like this since my mind works in similar patterns of making connections by concepts. I digress. Joanne is starting to remind me of Anita Blake. Each story she increases in power exponentially. She also is starting to settle in and accept that she's becoming more powerful. At least Joanne doesn't hump anything with a heartbeat. At the rate she's going, I don't think she's ever going to get laid.

In Spirit Dances, I'm impressed with the amount of Native American mythology incorporated. I feel like I'm receiving and education. I know nothing about this mythology so I'm fascinated. For all I know, this could all be made up shit. Regardless, I'm very impressed with Ms. Murphy's world. I give it a 4. The reason why this book is still a 3 for me is because I just can't connect to Joanne. She doesn't do it for me. She is a flawed main character which I get and I like. I think she's just so self effacing at times it makes me grind my teeth. Her inability to get it on with Morrison is driving me crazy. At the end, I'm going - AH HA!! Finally! Then I'm kicked in the ass back onto the curb as Joanne leaves Morrison hanging. Gah. And what is going on with Coyote? The messiness of Joanne's personal life is I guess distracting. Still, I enjoyed this read and I'm on to the next book. I received an ARC. WOOHOO!


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