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Review: Stripped by Lauren Dane

★★★ @LaurenDane #Stripped

It is rare for me to find a Lauren Dane book I haven't read. Especially her contemporary romance. Turns out, this novella was originally in a anthology. I'm so glad I found it by itself. Thoroughly enjoyable and a sweet pick me up, Ms. Dane delivers a sexy hot erotic romance.

Dahlia is a burlesque dancer in Vegas. To pay for her schooling, dancing burlesque is a great way to go because of the flexible hours and the high pay. The down side to dancing is that creeps think you are easy prey for a quick tumble and roll. Worse, they think a dancer is a just a dumb ho who would be willing to spread their legs at any come hither look.

Dahlia is different. Her curvaceous body and gorgeous looks hinder rather than help her. In the business world, business men tend to get handsy with sexy young interns. This is bad news for Dahlia. Determined to overcome the stereotype is hard when her paying job is dancing. Still, she persists and I give her props for it. So when she's hit on by her boss's player brother, she gives him the finger and tells him to f off.

This begins the erotic courtship including a horizontal mating dance of steamy proportions. I really enjoyed Dahlia and Nash's witty dialogue. I also liked to see how they learned about each other. They are from two totally different walks of life and it shows. Both have baggage and to see them try and work it out is fun. Sometimes painful though because the misunderstandings are all too common. Still, this was a quick and fun read with lovely erotic scenes that Ms. Dane is known for delivering. This erotic romance is recommended for readers who enjoy a steamy romance.


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