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Review: Sucker for a Siren by Lauren Connolly

★★★ ½ @laurenaliciaCon @booksirens #SuckerforaSiren

When it comes to fated mates, some shifters love it; others run from it. For Seamus, he is terrified of having a fated mate because of his youthful experience with a best friend. So when a Siren rolls into town and he find her attractive, he is a bit cautious. When she performs the Heimlich on him, he behaves ... outrageously.

I found bookish Seamus to be a bit awkward but adorable. Mostly because I like professors and the library he built is sublime. I would kill for a library like he built. I'd push Neri out of the way so I could have that library all to myself!

Neri is a Siren and I liked the way she is described here, complete with wings. Not many incorporate wings with a siren. It is one of my favourite representations of them. Whilst in the first book, both characters knew about paranormals, in this one, Neri is pretty clueless. Her parents have kept her in the dark and it is like cutting off a limb for her. I enjoyed how Neri learns more about the siren culture as well as other shifters. Learning about how the little town she came to reside was conceived is fantastic. This book felt meatier than the last book with world-building and character development.

The unique celebration to remember the founders of this "Haven" pulls me in. I loved the different obstacle courses. Ms. Connolly is both mischievous and clever with the unique challenges she creates. I would have loved to watch this one. She describes it so well I almost feel like I'm a spectator cheering on at the event.

Whilst this story is about Seamus getting it on with Neri, there is another plot running through that carries over from the last book. I liked what I saw and it looks as if it will tie into the next book. I am eager to read the next one to see what happens with the "Monsters" and Seamus's sister. These books can be read as a standalone. I find them to be better read in the order written. This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who enjoy fated mate themes and sirens with a wicked song.

* An review copy provided by BookSirens


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