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Review: Sugar by Lauren Dane

Returning back to a Ms. Dane romance reminds me again of why I admire her so much. I loved this book and it gave the best warm fuzzies all day long. Sometimes, Ms. Dane creates angsty and emotionally painful stories before she brings about a happily ever after. In this sequel, the reader is treated to what happens after the happily ever after. In a word - magical.

I loved this story so much because everything that can go wrong, goes wrong for Gregori's carefully crafted romantic plans. As an OCD planner with contingency plans, this is the worst nightmare. I felt so badly for Gregori who is a control freak and wants to have the most memorial and special time for his soul mate. To have all his romantic, thoughtful and lavish plans completely ruined is shocking.

What makes this story so good is how Wren is able to salvage the situation and make even more meaningful memories for the two of them. The chemistry between these two characters is just as wonderful as I remembered. Their comfortable intimacy after the years together makes this story even better. It is a glimpse into the life of after "happily ever after"... and it is delightful. It also shows that a relationship will only be as great as the work effort put into it. Both Wren and Gregori are committed to each other and their considerations and actions to take care of each other is what really hits me in the heart. I love it. This is one of the best romantic examples I have seen in years. Ms. Dane is on the top of her game as expected. This contemporary romance is highly recommended to readers who love couples who are deeply in love and can handle anything thrown at them.


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