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Review: Sunshine by Robin McKinley

★★★★★ #ThrowbackReview

When it comes to this book, you either love it or hate it. I loved it. There is something magical when it comes to Ms. McKinley's writing. This one spoke to me so much. From the very beginning, I'm pulled into a dark world where there are dangers everywhere, especially in the shadows.

What I loved about this book is Rae aka Sunshine and her interaction with Constantin. Constantin is a vampire who would normally be a threat to humans. Sunshine may be human but she is so much more. Her past is shrouded in mystery. As Ms. McKinley reveals a little bit more of Sunshine's parentage, the story becomes more intriguing. The worldbuilding in this book is fantastic. There is such a richness that needs to be explored. And yet, this is a one and done book. Ms. McKinley is vehemently clear that there will be no sequels, no series, nothing more in this amazing world. That is a crying shame.

I feel like this book has more questions than answers. It is a book that whisks a reader into almost a film noir gothic setting. The constant suspense of if Sunshine will be killed or tortured creates a lovely tension. This is a gritty dark story with complex magic rules, questionable characters, and an unexplained war.

This book is not a fluffy YA read. There is no romance. This dark fantasy is recommended for readers who like a fight between good and evil but not know exactly which side is which.


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