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Review: The Boy who cried Bear by Kelley Armstrong

This spin-off series continues to get better and better. Casey and Eric are back and this one is riveting. This book can be read as a standalone but I recommend reading the previous book in the series. For even more backstory, read the original series too. This play on words title is perfect for this story. In the new Haven, there is something different. There are children which brings a whole set of problems adults who have never had children are unprepared to deal with. This is a story of multiple characters and I love it.

At the heart of this story is Eric and Casey trying to make their safe haven a place that those who need refuge can rest easy. The problem is, those who need refuge the most, they probably don't have money. So there must be some way for the funding to occur. This conundrum creates conflict because those who have to hid and have money probably are criminals. Or petty or unethical . . . a litany of negative attributes can be applied to them. This causes problems for those who are there because they need to be hidden.

I find Haven's Rock an interesting experiment in human nature. What comes across for me repeatedly, is the innate evil that permeates from people with idle time. Whilst free time is a luxury, it is luxury that seems to encourage bad behaviours to arise. Why is this? Why can people not be content and enjoy the peace of the woods? There are always those rotten apples, trying to stir the pot and make money off of causing trouble for others. Whilst this is one of the subplots in the story, another more complicated plot is in the forefront. This is surround Max and what he blunders into when he sights a bear.

This story is complex with many different layers built through the characters' pasts and actions. Max is a boy who did tell others he saw a bear and not all of them believe him. This event causes a series of unfortunate events as well as some rather disturbing reveals around the Haven Rock's area. I am completely riveted and cannot stop reading the book until it is done. This is yet another book hangover experience for me. This book is recommended to suspense readers who like survivalist settings with great character development. I also recommend starting this book well before bedtime.

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