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Review: The Dark Lands by Christina Bauer

★★★ ½ @CB_Bauer #BookReview #TheDarkLands #NetGalley

Demons, Angels and Shifters oh my. . . diving into the middle of this series, I quickly came up to speed. Ms. Bauer creates many different types of worlds and each of them are unique if a bit dark. Usually YA books make me want to run away from them. When it comes to Ms. Bauer, I only wish one thing. That she was writing these books over 30 years ago when I was a teenager, looking for great sci-fi/fantasy/paranormal books.

This book can be read as a standalone as I read it with nary an issue. The first couple of chapters helped me sketch out a frame of reference. The way characters relate and how Angels, Shifters and the Fallen work together and against each other is interesting. I liked seeing an interpretation of Lucifer, the Fallen Angel. It is as good as a supposition as I have read. This is probably blasphemous, but I understand why Lucifer fell and why he did it. I can't exactly blame him when I look around at my fellow humans and think, "God loves us so much? Why?"

Myla may only be 19 years old in this story but she comes across more mature than many 19 years I have seen in the media. All she lacks is years of hard learned lessons through experience, disappointment and betrayals. Good news? She is well on her way to gaining these lovely moments. Myla shoulders more responsibility than expected and in this story, she needs to figure out why Walker has disappeared and what the Viper is trying to do. The plot is pretty straightforward and the path to the mystery Myla needs to solve takes a few twists and turns. Still, it was easy for me to predict the villains, the motivation and the unfortunate sequence of events. There are several nice surprises as subplots are tied off. This is a happily ever after story even if it is dark and a bit gothic. I must admit, I really like the gothic feel of it.

Overall, this is a smooth read with spunky characters, angry fallen angels, large sacrifices - everything wonderful about youthful energy, naivety and idealism. This paranormal fantasy is recommended to readers who enjoy dark young adult books with strong female lead.

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