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Review: The Dragon's Daughter and the Winter Mage by Jeffe Kennedy

★★★★ @jeffekennedy #TheDragonsDaughterandWinterMage

Being the odd person out when it comes to couples within your group of friends is not easy. For Gendra, she sees their group of 7 friends all matching up and finding their "one". As a plain and boring one, she is starting to give up hope. Even though she is relatively young, a babe in the woods if you will, she feels the loneliness more due to the others matching up.

Gendra is the good girl. She follows the rules. She studies so hard and practices non-stop. Always the girl who is pushed into the "friend zone" or the 2nd choice, it is disheartening. I feel for her. It is to my delight that this book is all about her. She definitely had to go through hell to get to her "one".

What I like about this series is that there is an overarching plot that moves along as we go through each book. This is less romance based and more character development and adventure/quest based. I love this about Ms. Kennedy's books. The focal point is the story, not getting it on or finding the one. It's a happy result of the journey. Gendra's journey is pretty rough and miraculous. She finds the missing Prince, Isyn. Except his is not where she expected.

These alternate worlds are baffling as well as frightening. Some of the citizens in these alternate worlds are even more disturbing. Am I the only one that imaged an entire ruthless village of Ewoks? Because that is what I thought of the majority of this book.

This fantasy is recommended to romantics who love that the princess rides in to save the day.

*I received this book as a gift


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