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Review: The Emperor's Conspiracy by Michelle Diener

★★★★ @michellediener #TheEmperorsConspiracy #Treasure

When it comes to genres, Ms. Diener defies categorization consistently. Yes, this is a historical novel, but unlike any other, I've read. I am riveted to the storyline. Ms. Diener pulls in historical events and reinterprets them in this novel and I am blown away. This is a "sleeper" series in the sense that it is so good and I don't think enough people know about it. I really hope more people pick it up because it is amazing.

This story starts out with a child endangerment situation with Charlotte Raven. We quickly learn that Charlotte is saved and adopted by a rather unusual Lady. Charlotte may be from the "gutters" but she's grown up in an aristocratic household during her formative years.

What I liked about this story is how Charlotte had to straddle the two worlds she lives in. There are times when the lines blur and Charlotte is given a rude awakening that life has changed and sometimes not for the better. The time period in this story is written shows a horrible time where the poor are abused and there are little to no human rights. It saddens me to see the consequences and what happens to children that do not have a chance. There is a reason why leaving a caste system gives peasants like me a chance to find a good life. I digress.

Charlotte understands that society frowns upon females who are unmarried and converse with men. She tries to follow as many of the rules as she can to blend in. Luckily for her, when she needs to bend the rules, she has the support system to fall back on. Charlotte's life takes a turn when she encounters Lord Edward and realizes there is something not quite right with the world. The two of the partner up and their adventures kept me turning page after page. I read this book in one night and immediately wanted to read the next book.

This historical suspense is wonderfully written with multiple layers. The character building is fantastic. The supposition of an unexplained historical event is impressive. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and recommended to to historical buffs who enjoy suspense.


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