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Review: The Fast and the Furies by Luna Joya

Young love crushed, fated mates, betrayal, death, and revenge - what's not to like about this book? Whenever I see Ms. Joya's books, I know I am going to have a fun ride. I also figure I'm going to experience a bit of heartbreak because she seems to really enjoy death and betrayals. She delivers again in spades with this book. This is the 3rd in the series and can be read as a standalone.

The start of this book hits hard with the devastation of a family slaughtered and a brother wrongly accused. Nolan is a shifter who wants to clear his brother's name. Three long years trying to figure out who killed his brother and his fiance's family has been plaguing him. The complications in this story are brutal. Because not only does Nolan lose the only family member who treats him well, he also loses his mate that he tried to hide from. Once again, dumb males with their inability to communicate...

Nolan may have changed a little in the last three years, but his fated mate has changed drastically. Sadie was a tree hugging witch - literally. She is a green which and can make any plant grow and thrive. In this world, women who have been wrongfully killed can sometimes come back to life . . . as a Fury! Woohoo. I do love the furies. This interpretation of the furies is fantastic. I wish I read the first two books in the series! I will have to go back and look for them. Suffice to say, Sadie's last three years have been very different than Nolan's and it is a rude awakening for him.

The biggest point of contention between Nolan and Sadie is ridiculous for me. They didn't communicate and their lack of discussion after her death caused needless pain and angst. They have enough to go around and this contrived communication breakdown is not one I like. Still, there is much more than just this dumbass move from Nolan and Sadie's justified hurt feelings.

What unfolds is bigger than Nolan ever thought. Suspend disbelief for a bit and go with the flow of this book. The timeline is faster than believable but it keeps the action fast paced and interesting. The character development of Sadie is fabulous and I love her new mature self. And Nolan certainly benefits from it. There are some sexy times but I found myself more interested in the backstabbing and mayhem. This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who like drama, angst, and fated mate themes.

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