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Review: The Gingerbread Dungeon by Elizabeth Thorne


ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! This is a solid 4.5 star book. I'm going to have to look up this author for more of her erotic books. I really liked this book. I didn't give it a 5 star because these are all reinterpretations of existing stories in the sense that they are fairy-tales retold. These naughty stories had me aroused. We are treated with some nice maledom with the Princess and the Pea. Lovely f/f and bondage with Rapunzel. Leather Daddy and leather family with Goldilocks and the three bears. Delicious femdom with Puss in boots. Each one hit on a kink I adore. The fisting, anal, whipping, spanking, chastity, cock ring and double penetration had me moaning in delight. This is a very fast read and I highly recommend it to all my kinky friends. Get the book NOW!


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