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Review: The Girl Who Knew Too Much by Amanda Quick

This is where it all started - Burning Cove and the 1920/30s romantic suspense from Ms. Quick. Not sure how I missed this first book in the series. Anna Harris aka Irene Glasson tries to reinvent herself on the opposite coast from where she witnessed the aftermath of a brutal murder. Reading about life in the early 1900s makes me appreciate my life as a woman. I have so many more choices than women had a hundred years ago. Although it was much easier to create a new identity back then compared to now.

Irene's new life is working for a questionable newspaper to get the scoop on celebrity life. This brings her to the premier hotel, Burning Cove Hotel, run by Oliver Ward. These two are both burned and twice shy of trusting people. Their alliance is borne of a little bit of desperation and a bit of ambition. The mystery they need to solve takes a couple of twists and turns. Specifically, because Irene is determined to hang all the wrongdoings on a person she thinks is a cold-blooded killer. Irene and Oliver's tentative truce morphs into more as they defy danger and sketchy situations.

I like Irene and how she tries to keep striving to keep her head above water after each setback. Oliver's reinvention of himself is admirable especially as his business also impacted many people. Even if his trust was shattered, he still demonstrates loyalty and generosity. These two characters who are flawed and damaged come together and become stronger. I love this kind of character development.

The setting of this era and the descriptions of the different venues are pretty cool. I love the art deco theme in both the book time period as well as the book art cover. This is a series I love to read and hope there are many more books. This romantic suspense is recommended to readers who like determined characters trying to create a second life.


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