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Review: The Lady Has a Past by Amanda Quick

★★★★ @JayneAnnKrentz #TheLadyHasaPast #NetGalley

This art deco vibe series keeps getting better and better. I am not one to notice book covers much; this series's book covers captures my attention. The cover completely matches the main character featured in the latest Burning Cove suspense... Lyra Brazier. Her sister, Vivian, relocated and happily living in this eclectic town. Lyra figured she would give it a try after a disaster of an engagement and finally realizing her father would never hand the reins of his company over to her.

The story starts out with a catchy action scene. I'm immediately pulled into the story. For those who have not read the previous books in the series, Ms. Quick provides the right amount of background to allow this book to be read as a standalone. My recommendation is to still read the first 4 books because they are so delightful. I digress.

Lyra completely changes up her career plans from running a shipping business to... private investigation. This switch is interesting and Lyra really makes it work. Ms. Quick's writing experience really shows through here in her character building. Ms. Quick adds these little details and ties in the character's personal experiences to further develop them into a robust character. I am thrilled with Lyra's experience working for her father and learning about his administrative assistance's short hand. This bit of information helps her figure out a clue. These little details is what makes a story fleshed out and layered. It brings me such joy to learn little things about different professions too. Ms. Quick does a through job in her research and then expertly fits them into her stories.

This suspense flowed so smoothly. The interactions between Lyra and the supporting characters are witty and sharp. What I really like about Lyra is how empathetic she is to everyone. She knows her own mind and she is living life. This is a pleasure to read because this character uplifts and inspires. It could have easily been written a different way with Lyra's betroth's betrayal.

The sleuthing in this story is nicely done and added a few plot twist to make it interesting and not easily solved by the reader at the get go. Ms. Quick does a nice job of building the motive and creating believable conspiracy tying up multiple subplots neatly.

What surprise me and pleases me is having two romances in one book. Learning more about Raina and Luther is unexpected. I hope to see more of them. I look forward to the next book in this series. It will be another must read. This romantic suspense is recommended to readers who enjoy stories set in 1930s with a paranormal element.

*provided by NetGalley

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