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Review: The Librarian by Lee Brazil


Does the naughty professor or sexy strict librarian turn you on? Or are you in denial? Val is in such denial, he doesn't even know it. Val and Adrian have been friends since freshmen year in college when they were roommates. A brief fling leaves Adrian brokenhearted and pining for Val. Val's the stereotypical drama queen with a chip on his shoulder and deep-seated abandonment issues.

Fast forward ten years later – Val and Adrian are still friends. I'm frankly questioning why Adrian continues to carry this unrequited love for Val. Val shows the maturity of a hormonal fifteen year old. It's quite sad to watch Val's struggle for love with the wrong people. He's been stuck in a rut for ten years without understanding the reason. If anyone needs a therapist, Val would be the one. Fortunately for him, Adrian loves him.

In this story, the theme is actually love will win at the end. This story is steamily romantic. While I don't condone mind games, I'm impressed with Adrian's strategy. He knows what he wants and his timing is impeccable. His understated dominance is sexy and turns me on. I'm not surprised it confuses and turns Val's world upside down. Adrian plays Val so very well and it is with the best loving intentions.

This is truly a friend to lover romantic story. The sensuality of the story is what really caught my attention. This book isn't so much erotic as it is sensual. We are treated to a lengthy steamy foreplay and just when the two are together to set off fireworks, Ms. Brazil quietly lowers the curtains for the lovers' privacy. Drat her! Still, I recommend this sweet m/m book for romance lovers.


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