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Review: The Lights on Knockbridge Lane by Roan Parrish

★★★ ½ @HarlequinBooks @RoanParrish #BlogTour #Excerpt #TheLightsonKnockbridgeLane #DreamerTour

Incredibly irresistible, this Christmas story will warm a reader's heart. When it comes to unique character who march to a different drum, Author Parrish delivers every time. In this latest book in Garnet Run, Adam Mills moves back to his hometown after a heartbreak. He brings his brokenhearted daughter back with him and thinks about starting new. When the neighbor next door turns out to be neither witch nor werewolf, things get interesting.

This is not a paranormal romance. This is a contemporary romance showcasing people who live life different than a 9 to 5 job. And it's okay to be this way. I love how Author Parrish shows that people can be different and enjoy life the way that want it. Adam's neighbor has good reason why he prefers to be a night owl as well as why he prefers to be away from people. Honestly, with how uncivil people have been in the past decade or so, I can completely understand Wes. The stories the neighbor makes up about Wes and his oddities is both amusing and sad. It shows how humans try to explain what they don't understand and make up the craziest stories.

This contemporary romance is so sweet because it brings together three people and creates a family unit. It may not be a conventional family unit definition, but at heart, that is what is going on here. Adam and his daughter, Gus, (who almost steals the show) are trying to do their best after Adam's partner decides he doesn't want to be with Adam anymore. More specifically, he is tired of their daughter and wants to get rid of her. Some people are meant to be parents and some... not so much.

For me, this series is all about acceptance. The acceptance of how people are different and it's great to be different. Finding that partner or "tribe" to be in your groove is the best thing ever. Because they lift you up instead of beat you down. I love how Wes comes out of his shell when Gus is interested in all Wes's pets and his experimentation. Gus is an adorable with how she accept people for who they are. I wish more people were like Gus. Adam's fear of spiders and Gus's excitement with the unusual pets is hilarious. This contemporary romance is recommended to mm reader who enjoy something different.

*provided by Harlequin via NetGalley

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