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Review: The Obedient Alice by Adrian Arden


This is not your childhood's Alice in Wonderland.  I think if Lewis Carroll was allowed to, he would have written Alice in Wonderland like this, except he'd have used minors.

Alice is a bored 18 year old, pretending to be all grown up.  Her body matured, that is about it.  Alice comes across the White Rabbit who is actually a spotter for nubile horny girls.  Underland still contains the crazy odd ball cast of characters, except this time, it's with sexual slavery and deviance.  There is something strange going on in Underland, hinted here and there.  The training of Alice to become a subservient sex slave, treated no better than an animal is delightfully amusing.  Ms. Arden has quite the imagination.

This book is not for the light of heart.  The sex scenes are fun and medium in BDSM nature.  There is animal sex in here.  So if you have issues with bestiality (even though the animals wear clothes and talk), then AVOID THIS BOOK.  Don't say I didn't warn you.

This book was interesting enough for me to purchase the next one.


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