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Review: The Secret by Julie Garwood

After reading the Ransom by Ms. Garwood, I had to rush back and read how it all started. To my dismay, the magic of Ransom did not translate back to The Secret. I'm not sure if it is because Judith was not as captivating or if I just didn't like Iain as much.

Judith was very headstrong and her heart is in the right place. The chemistry between her and Iain was not there for me. Their constant conflict didn't amuse me as much as Gillian and Brodick's relationship. Spoiler alert, for those who read this in the order written, Iain and Judit are better in the 2nd book as secondary characters. I digress.

Judit's trip from England up to the Highlands was challenging. The constant bickering between the two is probably what made this book just okay for me. I couldn't really stand Judit and her delusions. I think I felt more for Iain who is just trying to get what he's task to do . . . done. For those love everything Scottish, this may be an enjoyable book despite the lackluster characters and their lack of chemistry. It does set up a good background for the next book, Ransom.


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