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Review: The Unforgiven by Heather Graham

★★★ ½ @heathergraham @edelweiss_squad #TheUnforgiven

The Krewe Hunters are back and this time, they are in New Orleans. Let the good times roll... or not. This book starts out lackadaisical birthday celebration with a fun scuba dive. It is birthday that Kaitlyn will never forget. Katie's last time with her parents is marred in the most traumatic of ways.

Fast forward a dozen years later, and the nightmare starts all over again when the killing happens right where Katie has escaped to try and live her life. The killings make no sense but Katie is determined to help find the murders responsible. I am not certain how an avid scuba diver now turned into a carriage tour guide will be able to solve a mystery... but she is determine to make it happen. Enter a detective who pissed her off 6 years ago, attacking the only other survivor to the including Katie survived... Dan Oliver. Their interactions 6 years ago was from opposing sides. This time around, they both have a supernatural common trait that helps them see things a bit different.

The pace of this story feels more like a never ending merry-go-round. The killer leads both Katie and Dan on a chase that has them going around and around in circles. I like how Ms. Graham changes this story up by making it difficult to figure out the motive and who the killer may be. I also liked the ghosts incorporated to tie the characters together. Really, without this supernatural help, I am not sure the FBI or our duo would have been able to figure out the motive or solve the serial killer cases.

Learning a bit about the history of New Orleans is a treat. Seeing through the eyes of a native who loves the area brings this city to life. Creating a mass panic for the tourist to want to flee is also well done and realistic. At the end of this story, I am not so sure that all is ended but it does seem that way. I look forward to more of the Krewe Hunters in their next "woowoo" case. This paranormal suspense is recommended to readers who like physic phenomenon and enemies to lover themes.

*provided by Edelweiss

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