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Review: The Witness by Nora Roberts

Now this is the Nora Roberts I've come to know and love. I don't know how this woman turns out so many books. The quality of her books is amazing. These longer novels are fantastic. I can definitely see how her JD Robb writing is influencing this book. In The Witness, my heart hurt or Elizabeth Fitch. She's a super smart girl whose surgeon mother order her through a sperm donor bank. Elizabeth compares herself to an experiment. She is not far from the truth. Her mother is a sorry excuse for a human, let alone a mother. I have no children and I'm horrified.

What I do like about Elizabeth is how she is a Witness, but not a victim. Her brain is amazing. The way Ms. Roberts writes her so that she's very believable. Every little detail brings Elizabeth to life for me. She's a three dimensional character who is funny in her awkwardness. She's not perfect which makes her so perfect.

I have to admit, Brook is annoying. He is so damn pushy and nosy. I just want to slap him and his busy body mother up side the head. I know they both mean well, but really, personal boundaries have no meaning to people like this. It is so annoying. They force themselves into her life. It ends up turning all right, but still so very aggravating.

The story moved fast and I read it all in one sitting. The plot was tight and I liked how every tangent brought it back to the main story. Elizabeth was strong and she waited patiently to carry out her vengeance. This is what I liked most. Her retribution was so good. It made me happy. This happily ever after romantic suspense is recommended for all romance lovers.


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