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Review: The Wolf Is Mine by Paige Tyler

★★★★ @PaigeTyler #TheWolfIsMine #NetGalley

Lately, I've been reading paranormal romances with cursed humans trans morphed into cats. I kind of like it. In this one, the situation is a perfect blend of humour and sorrow. Ms. Tyler creates the perfect mate, the ONE, for Connor.

What I like about this story is how Kat knows all the insider information about the werewolves because she is the cat, the guys adore. I am not sure how I would react if my beloved cat suddenly shows up as a human and explains that they are cursed. It would be interesting.

For Kat, her backstory is a tearjerker. I like how she is a survivor and does her best to fight back against the person who made her lose it all. Adopted by the SWAT team is the best luck she's had in a long time. It helps give her time to be safe and strategize how to fight back. Her skills also help the Connor and his team mates because they have never encountered magic. They are going in blind and it is wrecking havoc on the team.

I like how two seemingly different plots mesh together to create a cohesive picture of magically mayhem. The continued world building in this series keeps the stories exciting. It is a pleasure to read about new foes and situations the SWAT team needs to overcome. Tying it all together is the solid romance of finding their "one". Seeing all the different iterations how these heroes become werewolves is also heartwarming. This is an easy and smooth read that is recommended to paranormal romance readers who like their dark balanced with light.

*provided by NetGalley


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