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Review: To Hunt a Sainte by Marie Harte

★★★★ #TBRPile

I have had this book in my to be read pile for apparently close to a decade. What was I thinking leaving this languishing there? This year, I picked it up and remembered why I love Ms. Harte's psychic stories so much. This is a fun little suspense with fireworks between the two main characters.

What is it like to work in a family business? At times, it sounds like it could be a lot of fun. Other times it feels like it can be oppressive. Alexandra Sainte is feeling bored with staying out of the field. Her uncle and rest of her male relatives want to keep her safe and sound. So when she decides to do a little B&E in the name of "good", she stumbles across Hunter. First, let me say that whenever I see the name Hunter, I don't know if I should giggle or become moist. The name itself conjures several different strong images to mind. Second, when a bratty female trying to prove her worth is impulsive and overconfident, I cringe.

Fortunately, Alexandra redeems herself quickly and Hunter shows he is hot stuff. I like this hunting theme with Alexandra trying to solve a case whilst Hunter dogs her every step. And he hunts her down like a sexy predator. When they get together, it does become explosive. Ms. Harte's sex scenes are one of the few I love to read, word for word. There is something about the way she writes her sex scenes that are arousing and so delicious.

These two characters are a modern day Romeo and Juliet in someways. Thankfully, neither are as stupid as the original pair. Instead, they find common ground and they start the merging of two firms who have been frenemies for a while. I kind of lean more towards how the Buchanan run their business. This paranormal suspense is recommended to readers who like it hot and flirty.


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