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Review: Tribute by Lisa Henry

★★★★★ UPDATE My official review is approved and below.  I loved this book.  I realize there has been some very negative reviews and accusations of porn.  Since I read a lot of porn, I'm pretty sure I know porn when I read it.  I tend to read quite a bit of BDSM stories and I can safely say, this is not porn.  I did feel ill at ease at times because I was just as confused as the poor Prince.  I also want to clearly state, this is not your mother's romance novel.  This is a TPE, slavery, non consensual and medium on the SM side.  If you have any issues with the following:

1.  BDSM

2.  female genitalia

3.  Slavery

This is not the book for you. However, if you are a BDSM junkie like me and have NO issues with m/m then this is a book for you.  (If you answer "YES!" for your vampires to sparkle, then this is DEFINITELY NOT THE BOOK FOR YOU!)  I enjoyed this book enough I'd read another book by this author.

The scenes in TRIBUTE blew my mind. I LOVED IT! Moving from privileged prince to collared slave in one day is enough to break any man. The increasing humiliation scenes in this book caused me to whimper along in sympathy. Oh how I wallowed guiltily in each stripping of Kynon's pride.

All is not what it seems when the losing kingdom pays tribute with twelve young and beautiful aristocratic children. Kynon is the youngest prince from the kingdom of Caralis. To keep his kingdom whole, under duress, he submits as a sex slave to the fearsome warlord, Brasius. Kynon fears this terrible monster who causes him pain, humiliation and betrayals. Kynon becomes the whipping boy for his country and pays for the sins of his father in flesh and blood.

Ms. Henry created a world where kings and aristocrats are looked down upon. The Senate is an entity taking over the world. They offer treaties first and then conquer if rejected. It's the Roman empire in a better light. Brasius is their shining star. He inspires fear in many yet he also commands complete loyalty from his warriors. This dichotomy confuses Kynon as he witnesses it firsthand. This theme is similar in Ms. Rice's Beauty trilogy but it is so much more in intensity.

This book covered in detail the art of bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, and sadism and masochism. The training regimen for the aristocratic youth kept me aroused throughout the entire book. The exquisite sexual tortures Kynon suffers at the hands of his trainer kept me happily humming.

TRIBUTE does include many different sexual scenes between two men. Since this an m/m erotic novel, I expected it. The addition of some female to male sex was sweet and unexpected. I really enjoyed this journey with Kynon as he learns about a culture and breaks through his preconceived notions. Kynon's struggle to submit and enjoyment in the pleasures of forced m/m sex is what really engaged me into the book. I felt his confusion and wanted to tell him, "just submit!" Although, that isn't really what was desired of Kynon. Brasius's desire for Kynon is more complicated and rather romantic. I highly recommend this book to people who enjoy the intensity of conquered men forced into sexual training and slavery to a powerful alpha male. I can only hope the author writes more books in this world with more exploration into intense and non-consensual m/m BDSM.


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