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Review: True Wolf by Paige Tyler

★★★★ #Netgalley #PaigeTyler #TrueWolf @SourcebooksCasa

The secret skill of Brielle Fontaine comes out in full force for the latest book in the STAT series. I am starting to warm up to this series. The characters are growing on me. I like seeing the wolves that aren't alpha and some of the other supernaturals in this world. Caleb is also an adorable berserker which tickles my fancy.

This is a fated mate tale which can be read as a standalone. Caleb is on a secret government team working on special cases. This latest one is a doozy. Ms. Tyler brings in a theme that always intrigues me. Specifically we are seeing a League of Shadows à la Batman style. This concept and group intrigues me the older I get and the more jaded I become. Their goal and the way they want to make the world a better place does kind of hold merit. Yes, there is a lot of collateral damage which is anathema to Americans and many 1st world Western thinking. Not everyone thinks this way. There are many cultures who believe sacrifice for the good of many.

This plot captures my attention whilst it beautifully blends in Caleb and Brielle's whirlwind courtship. I like Caleb because he isn't he OCD in control alpha. He's strong; he's smart. When he rages, he really rages and that is kind of arousing. I find it interesting how different the omegas are in this world compared to Ms. Brigg's world. They are almost completely opposite. With Caleb and his berserker fugue state, it takes a special kind of person to handle them and not be intimidated. Enter in Brielle who possesses some pretty awesome powers. When she first showed up as a secondary character in a previous book, I knew she would be coming back as a love interest. I just didn't realize it would be quite so soon. I like her and I understand her. The characters in this book are flawed and mostly anti-heroes. I like this about them and I like how they can still perform acts of good with great courage. It shows a depth in character.

There are a couple of threads in this story that I felt were left loose. I am not sure if it was intentional or accidental. I will be reading the following books in the series to see if anything ever comes of it and because I enjoy the direction this series is heading. This paranormal suspense is recommended to romance lovers who enjoy fated mate themes and bad boys with hearts of gold.

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