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Review: Unleash the Night by Sherrilyn (Kenyon) McQueen

★★★ ½ @mysherrilyn #UnleashtheNight #ThrowbackReview

Ready for angst? Who am I warning? If it is a Ms. McQueen book you know it is going to be filled with angst, drama, and painful conflict. I read this book back in 2006 and I still remember it. This is how many emotions Ms. McQueen pulls out of me. After 16 years, her books have only become more angst-filled, tormented, and finish with a bittersweet ending.

In this one, Wren is a quiet weretiger working at a safe haven bar run by the werebears. *snicker - I always think of Care Bears when I say werebears* Wren's life is complicated because of his parents. Honestly, this entire series is all about the sins of fathers/mothers visited upon the child. How is this fair? I don't know. The hope is that the child, now an adult will be able to break the cycle and have a better life.

For Wren, this possible better life is entwined with Marguerite, a human with her own daddy issues. These two are a match made in . . . purgatory? I say this because they are both with a lot of baggage and fortunately, they are able to overcome them. This is a story filled with setbacks, disappointments, and conflict. I am surprised by how it all turns out. This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who are looking for a story invoking fury over injustices.


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