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Review: Urban Prey by S.J. Lewis

★★★★ Ron is back!  I enjoyed Ron in Female Prey.  This book which is all from a man's perspective has been a fun read.  I enjoyed Ron's thought process.  What I really enjoyed was how Ron was able to read The Female and figure out her real desire.  This is what I enjoyed best about this book.  What woman doesn't want to be the sole focus and center of attention from a hot, sexy, dominant, caring and intelligent male?  When said male then studies the woman to figures out what makes her tick and ALSO makes her dirty deviant dark fantasies come true . . . amazing! It's a dream come true.

This book by Mr. Lewis is a fast and enjoyable read.  The characters are fun.  The new setting within a urban environment was a nice change.  I liked learning more about this underground society.  Mr. Lewis once again adds a fun cat and mouse game in his story.  There is something about being hunted and chased that really turns a woman on, especially if she's trying to make it harder to be caught.  After reading this story and I can't stop wishing there really was an organization like this and that I could work for them.


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