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Review: Vixen's Run by Zenia Masters

A foxy vixen and a limp feather peacock are not exactly the expected match. Tiff is a fox whose family is run by a matriarchy. Her grandmother is pressing for her to find a mate so that the rest of her siblings can find their mate. Tiff's painful secret history makes her reluctant to find a man, but through her grandmother's blackmail, she ends up at Crossroads.

Davus is a peacock shifter who has lost his beautiful plumage. In his world, without a stunning tail feather to entice the peahens, he will never find a woman to accept him. With no other choice, his family sends him to Crossroads.

The Crossroad series is highly addictive as I've mentioned before. I love this series for its simplicity and sweetness. The atypical shifters is fun because Ms. Masters does a good job of incorporating their animal instincts and behavior. This one is a bit darker just like the previous because both characters have been brutally physically traumatized. The way they help each other overcome their hurts is heartwarming.

This is yet another story of how those who have been victimized can take back their power and become survivors. I like this kind of message and Ms. Masters does a really good job of presenting it without making it a heavy handed lecture. This is a very smooth and fast read. Recommended for romance lovers who enjoy a tightly written story featuring redemption and acceptance.


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