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Review: Warrior's Hope by Rebecca Zanetti

Finally we learn who Hope will be with! Will it be #teamPaxton or #teamDrake? Or will it be a delicious menage? I have been looking forward to this conclusion for years now. Especially now that Hope is mostly grown up. Let's just say, this story both exceeded my expectations whilst giving me GRAVE disappointments. It's like I expected some things to happen and yet I'm still upset and surprised it happened. It reminds me of the parable of the turtle and the scorpion crossing the river.

Hope is surprised by Paxton and what he's been up to since his uncle took over carry for him. We learn that covert groups generally start with a good intent only to somehow go sideways so badly. Behaviours that didn't exactly make sense from Paxton become more understandable as the story unfolds. What surprised me was Drake. Hope has always aspired him to be so much more. I didn't really believe Drake would be the good guy and I also kind of bought into maybe what Hope "hoped for" would come true. Let's say both Hope and I were turtles in this case. So disappointed!

Still, I am happy Hope was able to resolve the conflicts she had. I liked how not every villain was irredeemable. The showdown was spectacular and a huge gesture of loyalty, love, and self sacrifice. I liked it. The pace of this story does start out a bit slow and then quickly picks up. So many of the loose ends are now tied off. What will happen next?

This is not a standalone book. This should be read as the last book in this series (for now?) Recommended to paranormal romance readers who want their love triumphs over evil themes.

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