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Review: When She Dreams by Amanda Quick

★★★★ @JayneAnnKrentz #WhenSheDreams #NetGalley

Returning back to Burning Cove, this latest book is totally relatable for me. Maggie Lodge is a lucid dreamer. I understand her plight as I too lucid dream. This story does take a few odd turns with dreaming that I don't personally have issues with, but it is interesting to see. I keep forgetting that this is set in the 1930s. Every so often, a scene reminds me of the era in full HD colour. Ms. Quick does an amazing job of bringing this story to life like a movie playing in my head. It would be fascinating to have this series made into movies. I think the costumes, setting, and whole film noir feel would be divine.

This romantic suspense meshes the paranormal psychic world with a society that likes to dabble in it, but only behind closed doors. The suspense part of this story is well done and keeps me guessing. I found the twists and turns of this story to be creative and not as easily predicted. I like when I am kept in the dark and following along with the characters trying to solve the mystery.

Maggie and Sam partner together to figure out who is impersonating Aunt Cornelia as well as blackmailing. Well, Maggie wants it to be a partnership. Sam is the private investigator and wants to run it. Their conflict over who is running the show is a light and humourous balance against the dire situations they find themselves in.

Seeing the characters from previous books show up in this one makes my heart sing a bit. I like the connections because it provides a bit of continuity which enhances the world-building. It also makes me feel like I'm returning to a familiar place that I want to visit. This romantic suspense is recommended to readers who like the woo-woo aspects and also how to debunk the frauds.

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