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Review: White Fire by Eva LeNoir

Where is my MMA? In the latest installment, there is no underground mixed martial arts fighting but there is an almost death match between two former best friends. Kyle is pissed off his sister is involved with his former best friend. Trying to keep them apart didn't work and now his job is on the line. As an alpha werewolf, he was tasked by someone else to broker a deal with Nash Stanford, the owner of the underground arena. Everything goes sideways and now Kyle is a prisoner. A mysterious hawt witch breaks Kyle out of prison.

This story introduces new characters rapidly and it can be a bit confusing in a short story. The plot of this story seems to have stalled with more questions than answers for the reader. Also, the introduction of new characters is a bit too light for me. For example, Aishlyn is new and the counterpart to Kyle. These two characters spin through a whirlwind lust affair. Aishlyn's betrothed is the issue for me. He's mentioned as an ominous being. But we don't really understand how he fits into all of this and the bigger conspiracy going on. His appears and subsequent disappearance occurs in a blink of an eye. For someone who is brought up so much, his face time in the book was disproportionately slim.

Another item which would help better is for the secondary characters to be more in character as to how they behaved when they were the main character. It could be books one and two were read too long ago for me. Still, Nash in this book isn't as appealing as he is in the first. It could also be because the reader is seeing it from Kyle's perspective. Regardless, Nash's behaviour at the end didn't exactly ring consistent for me.

The sex in this story is very light. Mostly, because Aishlyn is a virgin and protected by a pretty cool defense - electricity. Talk about one of my favourite fetishes, electricity play. This is a hot concept and Ms. Noir did push it a bit but not as kinky as I would have enjoyed it. Still, it's sweet and I appreciate Aishlyn not going from virgin to anal loving slut with one little kiss. It seems many stories now have virgins sexually performing in ways that boggle the mind. Ms. Noir stays true with Aishlyn in her shy innocence.

Recommended for paranormal lovers who like a little dangerous jolt to their lovemaking.

*I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review


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