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Review: Wild Magic by Alexandra Ivy

Woohoo, this new series by Ms. Ivy grabbed me and kept me riveted from start to finish. Vampires, Fey, Witches, and Mages populate this world. This is different than her Guardians of Eternity as well as her contemporary murder suspense books. I cannot wait to see what happens next in this series.

Peri is a mage who has issues with authority figures. What does she do? Catch the eye of one of the most dangerous paranormal creatures close to where she lives - the vampire, Valen. Peri likes to skate the line when it comes to following rules that will protect her and the two other mages she considers her family. Peri is an intriguing character as she is a bit wild, a bit reckless, yet deep down wants to be safe.

Valen on the other hand is controlled, disciplined, feared, and a bit jaded. He survived the last many centuries and amassed power, riches, and one of the most powerful places on earth to protect his people. And yet a little vixen teases him with snarky and an unhealthy lack of obedience. Peri doesn't mean to play hard to get. She just does not want to be under anyone's thumb and she has good reason.

I thought this story would be a sexy chase between a powerful male and a less powerful female. There might be some fated mate thrown in. Boy was I wrong. Instead, I'm treated to a mystery, betrayal, power hungry magic users, and a terrible evil. I like it! From a character perspective, I thoroughly liked both Peri and Valen. I want to learn more. I anticipate more back history in the next book, even if they are not the focus of the story. From a plot perspective, I enjoyed how Peri's mother shows up in the story. I liked how Peri's history is exposed in a painful yet cathartic manner. This creates more questions I have and hope to have answered in future books.

What I like about this story is how the sexual tension permeates the story and enhances the world building as well as the character development. Peri doesn't deny her attraction. She acknowledges it and provides logic reasons why being with Valen is so bad for her. Still, she succumbs to his sexiness and I cannot blame her. Ms. Ivy does create a deliciously powerful male.

This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who like a bit of mystery and mayhem.

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