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Review: Wild Sign by Patricia Briggs

★★★★ ½ @Mercys_Garage #WildSign #BookReview @edelweiss_squad

Buy this book now. For those that love Charles and Anna, this book is fabulous. It could potentially be read as a standalone. I recommend reading all the books in the series to receive the full experience and understanding some of the characters mentioned. This book brings an old pain finally to closure and I am so surprised and pleased.

Is this book really about Charles and Anna? Yes and no. Whilst they take front and center to solve a mystery of an off grid town completely vanished, this book centers around... Leah. Yes, Leah, the much unloved and unwanted mate of the Marrok is the focal point. Throughout the Mercedes Thompson series, Leah is a minor character who appears in only a negative light. No one can understand why she is the Marrok's mate. They have their speculations and they are all wrong. Leah of course does not make herself amicable to anyone, including her stepsons. She is effective in her role as the Marrok's mate. She is not his greatest love but she survives. Learning about Leah's past, how she came to be over 200 years ago, I feel a pang of regret for thinking poorly of her. This story whilst it brings closure to Leah, it is soul damaging. I am actually impressed with how long Leah's been able to hold it together and stay isolated emotionally from her pack. I see Leah in a totally different light and I believe Charles does too.

This is a tough story as there are past traumas brought to life, both for Leah and Anna. These two women are at the crux of the mystery of why people are disappearing in a remote area in the woods. The insidious evil that exists there is horrible and yet interesting. What this evil wants is twisted yet it makes sense. The way it perverts something that is supposed to bring happiness is disturbing. The way it brings back memories and edits people's thoughts is a bit frightening.

This story brings forth a new paranormal creature and a potential alliance with the FBI. These new threads looks like it is setting up for the next book in the series. I am excited because I cannot wait to see what happens. Because it is clear the werewolves have learned from how the Fae were treated in court and the general public. I agree with the Marrok's stance and support it. It shall be interesting to see what will happen in the next Alpha & Omega book. Recommended to all urban fantasy readers who like mysteries, heart breaking closure and strong females.


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