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Review: Worth by Adrienne Wilder


Are we ever going to learn more about these Dragons? These Kin? In this new story, we learn about them more from the glossary in the beginning of the book than in the story itself. Where these dragons come from, we don't know. We do learn how the human laws are unfair and discriminate against those who are kin. Liam is a human, or so he thinks. He's a young boy doing his best to protect his two younger brothers from their father. Even though they are only half brothers, Liam loves and protects them better than anyone.

I have to state, this book is probably the most depressing book I've read so far this year. Since I'm already well over 130 books, this is saying a lot. This book is depressing because the amount of abuse Liam goes through is just inhumane. His stepfather is a son of a bitch who needs to be killed. Anyone who tortures and rapes a young boy just needs to be killed. That's not all, Liam is also sold to other men who torture and rape him. I can not abide by this type of abuse. My heart bleeds for Liam. Half way through the book I almost gave up because the sheer amount of pain visited on Liam was too much for me to bear. Unlike sexual non-con torture which is a turn on for me, this was just cruel sadistic abuse of a child. There should be a special place in hell for men like Liam's step father. Based on Liam's life, I'm thinking being eaten by a Kin at this point would be less painful.

Fortunately for Liam, he turns out to be a lesser. Meeting up with Jericho is the best thing that ever happened. From this point on, Liam has a chance to actually move on. Through Jericho we get glimpses of this elusive Dragon Kin society. I'm hooked. I want to learn more. I want to finally read a book where the main character is a Kin. Better yet, will we learn about the Queen? Just as the story is getting good where Jericho and Liam are coming together, it ends. I screamed in outrage. I'm left hanging, hoping to learn more about the Kin who saved Liam. I want to know how it turns out for Liam after his becoming. This book is recommended for m/m lovers who can handle a painful history visited upon the main character.


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