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Review: Wreck & Ruin by Emma Slate

Motorcycle clubs are always iffy stories for me. I'm not exactly enamoured of the MC sexist world, yet the alpha male and working outside of society's norm is appealing. I would classify this as perhaps SugarMC similar to the SugarKink for light BDSM erotica. I classify this as SugarMC because it is a more romantic view of the Motorcycle Club lifestyle from what I understand. And my preference is SugarMC.

Mia is an orphan with a bestie who knows of the MC world. Mia accidentally uses a member to help her get away from a persistent customer at the bar she works. Coincidentally, this member is the PRESIDENT of one of the local motorcycle clubs. Sigh... still, I liked it and the two characters are funny, independent and the sexual chemistry between the two is hawt.

There are zero surprises in this story. The plot devices used, down to a surprise family reveal are easily predicted. This made for a smooth story and and a fast read. This book's focus is more on the romance and interaction between Mia and sexy MC president, Colt. Their miscommunications are believable and at times funny. None of it feels contrived. Instead, these are realistic differences for two people coming from two totally different cultures/worlds.

What I like about this story is that even though it is viewed from a rosy coloured glasses, there is loss and pain experienced. There are no magic shields to protect the innocent. This life can be rife with violent conflict and when this happens, injury or death is a result. This bit of gritty realism helped the story be more emotion driven and added a depth.

On the flip side, the life affirming sexy times are more mild than I expected. Some of it has to do with Mia wanting to hold out which I can respect. Some of it has to do with this being a bit too tame and vanilla for me. Still, the sex is sweet between the two characters. This erotica romance is recommended to readers who like the lighter side to Motorcycle clubs with an Alpha male and a strong female to match.


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