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Review: Wrong Alibi by Christina Dodd

Hold on to your hats, this is a new gritter Ms. Dodd and I like it. A fan of her historical and contemporary romances, this is one of the first of her suspense I've read. For those who enjoyed Rockton series by Kelley Armstrong, this is a book to pick up and read.

Evelyn Jones is a girl who made a mistake. This mistake landed her in juvie and caused problems for her mother and sister. The shame Evelyn felt after breaking her mother's heart urged her to do better when she paid her dues. Fortunately for her, she found a job in Alaska. This is her path to redemption. Unfortunately for her, this dream job comes crashing down.

The plot of this story is multi-layered and kept me interested. Evelyn is a survivor. I like how her character is designed with the foolish arrogant child learning and growing into a woman who knows better. I thought this story would be just about her growth. It is that and so much more. Her path back to her mother and sister is a long and winding path. The different red herrings and plot twists in this story kept me amused and constantly trying to guess the end game. I am pleasantly surprised at the length of the story and how it all ties up at the end. This is a suspense recommended to readers who are looking for second chances and a heroine who is determined to overcome all odds.

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