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Review: Yellowstone Wild by India Masters


Ugly duckling turned into swan story is what this is. Libby is forced to return home to a ranch in Wyoming to photograph Yellowstone as her latest photography assignment. Libby has the life I'm envious of and wish maybe I had tried when I was younger. To travel all over the world taking photographs for a living is just amazing. Love it. For Libby, she loves it too. She has even gone to do war photos in ravaged bloodied lands. Returning home where she was a "geek" should be a piece of cake.

Libby dreads going home. Between her critical sister Alex and the twin Cade boys, I'm not surprised. Her sister while well meaning, is a bitter critical woman. I wouldn't visit her either. When we learn about Libby's altercation with her father which was never reconciled, it saddened me further. What really puzzled me was the issues the twins - Bodie and Tyler Cade held against Libby. Sure, they want to make up for it now, but why the hatred and bullying? It was puzzling for me.

Regardless of this issue, the story was a very fast read. For some reason, I had this flagged as BDSM but it is not. It's barely SugarKink with the spankings. The M/F/M menage is expected as the men are brothers. Still, the sex was hot and the scenery described makes me want to visit Yellowstone. Maybe next year!

I recommend this book to menage lovers who enjoy the ugly duckling transforming into a swan.

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