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Review: You Can Die by Rebecca Zanetti

What is going on? This latest installment in this suspense series is a wilder ride. Just when I thought the drama could not get crazier for Laurel, Ms. Zanetti proves me wrong. When it comes to dysfunctional family dynamics, Laurel has it all. Between her missing abusive father and her stalker sister, Laurel has her hands full. I love it!

Whilst Laurel is trying to figure out the new serial killer, she is trying to stay ahead of her sister, Abigail. Whilst I usually lean favourablely towards high functional sociopaths, especially if they are female, Abigail continues to rub me the wrong way. Mostly because her integrity is missing and doesn't align with mine. Still, she does make life interesting for all.

What I love about this series is the mystery part. Watching Laurel's detecting procedures as well as how she puts the evidence together to solve the case keeps me riveted. I like how focused Laurel is on her job and she can identify her own personal biases. She is so competent that it is amusing to see her grapple with her relationship. Huck is a man with baggage that he still hasn't fully worked through. Laurel and Huck are constantly being tripped up by Abigail. It is icky how Abigail goes after Huck.

Fortunately Huck and Laurel are mature adults and are able to communicate with each other. Even of they have issues, they are able to work it out. I like that their relationship isn't an instalove. Instead this relationship is more realistic with its moving a step forward and a few steps back.

This suspense is recommended to readers who enjoy detective work and family drama.

*provided by NetGalley


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