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Review: You Can Run by Rebecca Zanetti

★★★★ #RebeccaZanetti #YouCanRun #Netgalley @Netgalley

Twists, turns, dysfunctions, and suspense in this new series from talented Ms. Zanetti contains it all. One can only hope many more installments will come with Laurel Snow. For those who enjoyed Eve Duncan Series from Iris Johansen or the FBI series from Catherine Coulter, this new series is for you.

The main character, Laurel Snow, is an FBI agent. She is an amazing profiler and she can be awkward at times. She also has a loving mother who in many ways is the opposite of Laurel. When Laurel's mother sends a frantic message begging for Laurel's help, Laurel finds out much more than she ever expected about her past, her family, and dark secrets.

This story keeps the tension high and there is one blow up after another. Specifically, emotional blows that throw Laurel for a loop. This is more a psychological thriller that sets the tone for this series. It is a dark and grim tone that makes me wonder how Ms. Zanetti can top this 1st book. It almost feels like the closet doors have been thrown open with a police spotlight focused in every nook and cranny. What more shocking reveals can Laurel experience?

I enjoyed the pace of this book and the different subplots running concurrently with the main "who done it" plot. Whilst Laurel is trying to solve the case and defend her uncle, Huck Rivers is a bit of a thorn in her side. Or I guess I should rephrase this as Laurel is a bit of a thorn in HIS side. Both of these characters are multilayered with baggage. Laurel's social interactions are sometimes painful to witness. Her mind is so sharp and she understands why people do what they do. She just can't seem to relate to them. Huck is the quintessential laconic male suffering a hero complex and filled with regret and guilt. These two make an odd couple but it works for them. Their romantic interest is choppy as both of them seem to struggle with intimacy. This is why this book is more thriller/suspense for me than romance. I could honestly do without the romance part.

There are several secondary characters in this book that almost want to steal the limelight. I wonder how it will play out in future books because one of them is similar to the Looney Tunes Tazmanian Devil. Everything within their path is destroyed or tossed aside. They are havoc in human form. I can't decide if I like this secondary character or not. This suspense is recommended to readers who like being kept on their toes.

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