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The Dragon's Bride by Katee Robert

★★★★ @katee_robert and @GiveMeBooksPR #TheDragonsBride

Deliciously sweet, new-to-me author Ms. Roberts brings joy into my life during a very difficult week. I have heard of Ms. Robert and haven't had a chance to try her books. When this one in a new series was offered up, the premise sounded good. What wasn't good? The cover. I'm a cover indifferent reader. It is rare that a cover turns me off. This cover does not do the book justice. Maybe it's just the artwork style that doesn't do it for me. Regardless, this book is a pleasure to read and I now have a new automatic read author, Ms. Robert.

This story starts out bleak with Briar Rose escaping an abusive husband. At her wit's end, she makes a bargain with a demon. What the ever loving ... things cannot be this bad that she would sell her soul. I stand corrected. She neither sells her so nor will she live another day if the demon doesn't help her. Things are looking pretty bad. Entering this "other world" doesn't seem like it is any better as she is hurried into an auction. An auction? She is now going to be a sex slave? I mean the book cover clearly denotes chains and it looks like a woman is going to be ravished by a humongous dragon. What did I sign up for here to read? I do like dark non-con, so I'm prepared to see the worst.

To my surprise, this is an erotic romance. Briar Rose is sold to a dragon shifter, Sol. Their relationship is mostly a business transaction and Ms. Robert turns all my assumptions upside and delivers a sweet erotic romance. I love it. There are little details here and there that make this book thoroughly enjoyable. It became a page-turner for me as I wanted to learn more. This is the first book in the series and I like the world-building so far. I look forward to the next books in this series because there are some wild fae in here that intrigues me.

Let's talk about the sexy times here. They are primal, rough, and have one of my favourite types of cock. I won't spoil the surprise. When I read it, I nearly swooned in excitement. Ms. Robert is still a bit tame with her sex compared to what I am used to when this kind of erotica is written. Still, the sex scenes are smoking hawt. This erotica is recommended to paranormal romance readers who love a damsel in distress finding a knight to save her. In this case... it's a dragon.

* I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.


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