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Twilight Seeker by Pippa DaCosta

Twilight Seeker (Daybreaker, #1) Twilight Seeker by Pippa DaCosta

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

When it comes to a Ms. DaCosta story, I know I'm going to be banging my head against the wall. Why? Why are the bad boys anti-heroes in her stories so misunderstood and abused? In this new series, Lynher Aris is sheltered in a sense by the "Station" she lives in. I honestly have no idea if this story is a spin off or what is going on. There are so many missing pieces to this world building. And it seems this is how it is designed because Lynher is unaware of what is really going on. And even at the end, it is questionable of what is really happening. I'm just as confused and left in the dark as Lynher.

I do like Ghost, the "intimidating" overseer. I want to learn more about him. I want to know more about his foiled plans. This story moves fast with action and little explanation of what is going on. Looks can be deceiving. What annoys me a bit about this story is how stubborn and self righteous Lynher comes across. I believe she is designed this way and perhaps in the follow up stories, all will be revealed. We shall see. For the first in this series, I'm hooked and I want to read the next book immediately.

*provided by Edelweiss

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