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Book Review: Starlight Web by Yasmine Galenorn

★★★★ @YasmineGalenorn #bookreview #starlightweb #witches

When it comes to witches and female empowerment, I know I can rely on Ms. Galenorn. I have been a fan of her books for years. It is nice to return back to her writing and see this new series. I have missed reading her survivor books.

I try not to speculate on author's personal life because it feels a bit intrusive. I know some authors will write in a bit of their life into their books because, you write what you know. All I have to say is that if Ms. Galenorn's series ... any of them have a bit of her life in it, I am both saddened and impressed.

In our latest series, January is a woman who's bright light and abilities have been snuffed out by an ex-husband who used her and then discarded her like yesterday's trash. This is a popular theme and one would think, with magic and witches as the team, this would all be about vengeance and "hear me roar" chest thumping. That would be a wrong assumption. Instead, January is all about reconnecting with her roots and moving on, away from the toxicity of her ex. I am impressed by this and more over, I like how January finds a new career and reinvents herself.

What starts out as a possible paranormal news sighting job quickly becomes a much more complex and dangerous one. The build up of the danger and meeting even more powerful beings adds a nice tension to the story. I'm hoping this is more than just two books because I like where this series is going. I especially like January who is a down to earth survivor, just trying to get her life back together after too many with a user.

Ms. Galenorn creates a familiar world using real life cities and popular mythos. She adds her special twist to it and makes it magical. For those who loved the movie Practice Magic, this is even better. Recommended for paranormal readers who love magic and reinventing your life themes.


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